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When it steals your peace, time to let go

When it steals your peace, time to let go

Every human’s endeavor has its timing, just like the biblical King Solomon said. There is a time for commencing and a time for ending. Thus, it is very crucial for one to be wary of TIME. That is because it helps you to pattern your activities in the right direction.

Today, we live in a world where people are no longer consistent with what they do. The inconsistency of humans may not be a deliberate act. But, that does not rule it out.

As humans, we value friendship, kinship, relationships, as well as acquaintanceship. But, there are a lot of irregularities today in maintaining and ensuring that these remain wholesome. As a society builder, therefore, I have taken it upon myself to examine what these inconsistencies have caused, and when one should discard affiliation as a result of inconsistency. This is why we are considering this topic—Point of Letting Go.

It is good to have associations because it is unhealthy to be a lone ranger, always. We need friends and family. We need to be surrounded by people who always nudge us into reality. And, as a way of reciprocation, we also need to be there for these strata of the society that we mean so much to. But, if at some point we realize a relapse on their part, we should strive to bridge the gap between us. All the same, if, after we must have done all we can to see that we are on the same page and it is no longer working, this is the point when we begin to ask what we should do. Should we let go or should we not, perhaps because these people have done so much for us and, as such, we should let them continue with their inconsistency while we, on our parts, strive to keep the association wholesome?

One of the fundamental questions to ask here is, how long are we going to be able to put up with their inconsistency? Again, how well will the spirit in us feel comfortable being used?

This is actually a critical one, but I will present what I gleaned from my interaction with a couple of people on the point of letting go. After their opinions, I will let you know what point it is healthy for me to let go.

According to Joxzy Otor, who is a psychotherapist, life coach, and writer, the point of letting go,  is when the relationship, acquaintanceship, friendship, or even marriage tries to threaten his peace or happiness. It is not worth working for anything that seems toxic to one’s existence, he further added. This simply means that, if it threatens your peace, let it go.

In the same vein,  Ote Beautie Okpanya, a supermodel, values her peace too — more than anything, she revealed. She will let go of a relationship, acquaintance, or even family that is against her peace.

”I  think one should let go when their inner peace is affected. I, personally, value my peace above everything. So, once I feel something is affecting it, I will let it go”, she declared.

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Onda Victoria, a radio presenter at Choice 93.3 Fm, Oju, Benue State however differs. She believes nobody can tell of the exact time to let go.

“I can’t tell you the exact time to let go and I am sure no one can. It is something you would recognize and figure out by yourself when the time comes.”

As individuals, the decisions we make are targeted at finding fulfillment as we hope that life gets better for us. However, if at some point you notice anything trying to get in the way of that goal, which is your peace, it is best you do away with it.

We attach a sense of importance to our job, relationship, kinship, acquaintance, and marriage which, of course, is a good thing. But, when the effort, value, and sacrifice are coming from one end and there is zero addition from the other, then it is time to activate the alarm.

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I do not mean that you shouldn’t fight for your marriage, relationship, job e.t.c. It is good you are aware that when you try holding on to something that doesn’t want to be held any longer, the weight begins to add up until the part of us that is holding on to that thing begins to ache.

When you notice toxicity spreading into whatever you hold dear, you don’t need a seer to tell you to let go. You will realize, at that point, that letting go is the best decision for both parties.

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So, basically, from all interactions, you will agree that, at the point where there is no longer mutual agreement, where efforts towards sustaining what you hold dear begin to prove insufficient, you let go. This is because, if you hold on to it beyond this point, it will not be healthy for the parties involved.

Remember this, that none can give you the specific point of letting go, but you sure know the signals of what will fail, or what is not worth holding on to. Therefore, be bold and decisive enough at that point to let go.

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