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Peter Obi’s long road to Presidency

Peter Obi’s long road to Presidency

Atiku won the PDP Presidential Primaries on Saturday the 28th of May 2023. But the assurance of the victory was concluded barely 24 hours before the delegates’ elections despite that It is well known that Peter Obi has a lot of support on social media. However, Peter Obi knows deep in his heart he cannot win both the primary and next year’s election.

Whether that support he (Obi) has on social media can translate to real votes on the ground is yet to be seen. However, let us for the sake of analysis agree that it can. I believe the only value he can bring to Labour Party is to help them win seats in the downline elections.

This is a time for strategic thinking. Peter Obi should not just concentrate on his Presidential Political Campaign in the Labour Party (LP), he should also be involved in actively pushing LP candidates in all the elective positions available. That is his path to re-contesting if his 2023 bid fails.

Hence, he should endeavor to help the Labour Party win seats in the State Assemblies, in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and maybe even Governorship. If he can help achieve this, then he would have established a political base that can launch a formidable and realistic campaign for President in 2027

A scenario of a Peter Obi presidency under the LP, while the NASS (and sub-nationals as well) is dominated by APC/PDP, is better imagined. It is safe to say at the least he will find governance difficult and at the worst, he can easily be impeached. To survive, he will have to defect.

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Another hiccup for Obi is his idea of joining the Labour Party that former governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko ran away from. Anyway, when you have Doyin Okupe as a key strategist for your campaign, you are bound to make a mistake like joining a party in crisis at the peak of party Primaries. 2027 is not too far to correct mistakes

He will most likely strike some sort of deal with Atiku. And whatever deal they end up striking will be crucial for the political future of the Southeast region. Hopefully, PDP in the South gets their house in order come 2027.

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