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Some African Countries with the Most Expensive Data Plans

Some African Countries with the Most Expensive Data Plans

Research made by Business Insider Africa showcases the 20 African countries with the costliest price of mobile data in their respective countries. 

Nigerian telecom operators had previously reported wanting to increase the cost of their services to which the development was met with agitation across the country. In case you missed that update, the telecommunication companies wrote the Nigerian Communications Commission -NCC to ask for an increased review on the prices of data, calls, and SMS; stating the high cost of doing business in the country as their reason. 

However, Nigerians weren’t too happy with the letter the telecoms wrote. The agitation of Nigerians spurred the list to compile, to check if data services in the country were truly expensive as some Nigerians claimed. It turns out that the country surprisingly was among the countries with the cheapest cost of mobile data on the continent.

It is estimated that about 480 million Africans currently have access to mobile internet. It should be highlighted that African countries commonly have a few of the most expensive prices of mobile data in the world.

Some of the African countries with the most expensive data plans were:

1. Equatorial Guinea: This country currently has the most expensive price of mobile data, with one gigabyte costing as much as $49.67.

2. Sao Tome and Principe: Here, one-gigabyte data would cost you $30.97.

3. Malawi: Malawians pay the third most expensive price of mobile data in Africa at $25.46 per gigabyte.

4. Chad: This Sahelian African country has the fourth most expensive price of mobile data at $23.33.

5. Namibia: People in Namibia spend an average of $22.37 to buy one-gigabyte data.

It is worthy of note that the average price for 1-gigabyte data in Nigeria costs about $0.88.

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