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Tinubu’s daughter shut down Oyingbo market

Tinubu’s daughter shut down Oyingbo market

She said she gave the traders 24hrs notice before shutting down the market. 

24hrs notice? To do what? – To tell their families that they won’t be having food on their tables henceforth? You can imagine the audacity these people who think they own Lagos have. Such arrogance. Her late mother was the Iyaloja (market leader) before she got the mantle after her death. This is right out of her mother’s play book – The same way she treated traders with disdain – shutting down markets in the state whenever she feels like. 

It is also a known fact that every year, Lagos experiences a major fire incident in one of its major market – the entire market is burnt down to the ground – and what do we have afterwards, the Iyaloja steps in from nowhere and with the state government which is also part of the scheme, the market is rebuilt and guess what? – Shops in the newly rebuilt market are re-rented out to the very same traders at higher rates. And If a previous occupants can’t cough out the new rates, they are chased off – No compensation for their goods that got consumed in the staged fire incident. Yeye people!

According to the Iyaloja General of Nigeria, Mrs. Folashade Tinubu-Ojo, on Thursday, Oyingbo Market was shut down due to its deplorable state. 

What an excuse…. deplorable state indeed! If that is truly the case, what stops the government from stepping in to conduct repairs? Is she trying to tell us that repairs can’t be done with the market open? Since when did she notice this DEPLORABLE STATE?  

But Tinubu-Ojo said that contrary to insinuation that she sought for payment of N5m over the issue, the market was shut down because of its environmental situation. 

You can imagine the flip-flopping. First it was deplorable state, now it is environmental issues. Madam yeye-oja, we are no fools. No one in the entire Lagos State believes you. You and your family have the state under siege. This is nothing new. 

This is her excuse #3: “The Mainland Local Government Chairman, Hon. Omolola Essien had earlier called me to close down the Oyingbo market because it was extremely dirty.” 

You see how she has moved from #1 deplorable state, to #2 environmental situation, and #3 extremely dirty? – Who shuts down an entire market and cut-off means of the livelihood for fellow human beings because it is dirty? – Answer, “the Tinubus”.

Mrs Tinubu-Ojo continues; “The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, had also visited the market and thereafter, sent a letter to that effect. The traders were then given the time to do the needful.”

You gave the traders 24hrs notice – and in the same breath you say “they were given the license to do the needful?” – What can a shop owner do in 24hrs? How will they move their goods and to where, in 24hrs? 

And she mentioned the governor – What Governor? – The same one that is under her feet?

These people are just mad. 

Read more of her nonsense: “I visited the market on Thursday last week and instructed them not to open the market the next day, and that they should also move their goods out of the market, with the promise that i will be there on Friday to ensure proper sanitation.

“I was there as said, on Friday and ordered the traders to pack their stuff out of the market while it was properly cleaned on Friday and Saturday. 

“I sent delegates to check on Tuesday if thorough sanitation had been done as instructed,” she said. 


You stood at the gate… and ordered them to move their goods. As what biko? – Wooo, abeg i don taya for this kind yeye mata. 

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