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Toyin Lawani, a well-known stylist, has announced a miscarriage

Toyin Lawani, a well-known stylist, has announced a miscarriage

Toyin Lawani, a well-known fashion designer, has disclosed the loss of her fourth pregnancy. On Tuesday, the leader of The Tiannah’s Empire posted the tragic news on her Instagram account. In the post, Lawani also disclosed that because of the health dangers associated with her previous pregnancies, she had once been advised to have her womb removed. She noted in the piece that losing an unborn child can be the most difficult trauma to live with because you would have begun bonding and making plans for the future.

She said, “I have always said I wanted to have just two kids. Then my doctor advised me to take out my womb due to the complications I was having.”

She added that she had a lot of health issues to cope with, including many fibroid surgeries, arthritis, back, neck, and side aches, as well as occasions when she would wake up paralyzed. 

She also had to wear a neck brace always, but she takes it off in public because there were too many inquiries. The star of the reality television show Real Housewives of Lagos revealed that a cyst was discovered in her brain during her third pregnancy. She said that she was forced to leave the country because Nigerian physicians had recommended she abort the child to start therapy.

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The mother of three said that she had an unanticipated pregnancy and made the decision to keep it a secret a few months after giving birth to her baby girl in August 2021. However, she broke the news on the Real Housewives of Lagos season finale. She said she would have never disclosed this because she abhor weakness and advised people to never judge a book by its cover.

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