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Zimbabwe, where prostitutes accept food for sex

Zimbabwe, where prostitutes accept food for sex

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in Southern Africa is swimming in poverty as prostitutes offer food for sex transactions.

Zimbabwe which was part of a wealthy African trading empire, that once controlled much of East African Coast from 11th to the 15th Centuries, is now bedeviled with poverty and unemployment.

The country is now drawn by a shrinking economy and hyper-inflation. The poverty level rates 80% while the unemployment rate ranks as much as 90%.

Due to this rate of poverty and unemployment, prostitution has become a legal business for locals. In fact, some married people indulge in it, in order for them to feed and pay for their wards tuition fees.

According to a sex worker, they used to charge as much as $5 for a whole night. But now, even $1, they hardly see who to pay.

Most of the sex workers have been lamenting and pleading with the government to do something about the plight of her citizens.

Aside the unemployment and poverty level, Zimbabwe also lacks basic amenities such as good roads and water. In some cases, people travel far to get water, and when they get this water, it may not potable.

Prostitution has been a way out for many Zimbabweans. When the poverty level has taken a toll on the country in recent times, the sex workers cried out for help. They narrated how their clients no longer pay them. Some even collect foodstuffs like bucket of maize and the likes as a means of payment.

This special form of trade by barter is reportedly being utilised by the sex workers in the Dema Growth Point region of the country.

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According to a report by a local news outlet, New Zimbabwe, some of the sex workers appealed to the government and other organisations for low-interest loans to start income-generating projects to fend for their starving families.

It is therefore pertinent to draw the attention of the world to this sympathetic state of the country. Let NGOs and other donor agencies come to the rescue of the people of Zimbabwe, especially their women and young girls. This is imperative because they are the ones suffering most in this deplorable state of the country.

Let it be known to World Bank that, some of these women have kids in schools, and they have nothing else to do in order to generate revenue. Most of them have taken the jobs of house keepers, but because of the poverty level, even the locals do not have the money to pay their employees.

Zimbabwe is in a deplorable state, and the world must come to her rescue. Even if it doesn’t mean restoring her glory to how it used to be in the 11th to 15th centuries, but, let it be that they have the Financial capacity to afford some basic crucial necessities that are relevant to human existence.

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