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Maradona Is Still Better than Messi- Totti

Maradona Is Still Better than Messi- Totti

Messi is about to lead Argentina into victory on Sunday, in the 2022 world cup finals, a feat that might cement his name as the greatest of all times (GOAT). However, some people still think, Messi is still beneath some past good players. Francesco Totti has rated Late Argentinian Legend, Diego Maradona as the greatest football of all time, and even Messi doesn’t come close.

Diego Maradona who died in 2020, at age 60 is regarded as the best Argentina player due to his impressive contributions to their 1986 world cup win. However, Messi is about to repeat such a feat come Sunday, which might end the Argentinian 36-year-long wait for the world cup trophy.

According to Totti, Messi is a great player no doubt, but he is still beneath Maradona

“Maradona is football for me. Messi is the best player in the world right now but he is still beneath Diego,” Totti told Bepi TV.

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