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Niger-Delta threatens to crumble Nigeria economy with Tompolo

Niger-Delta threatens to crumble Nigeria economy with Tompolo

A unit from Niger Delta Volunteers for Good Governance (NDVGG) has threatened to join forces with Government Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo, the ex-militant leader in the oil-rich region, to crumble the nation’s economy if the government fails to grant the region’s request.

It was reported on Sunday that Tompolo gave the Federal Government a seven-day ultimatum to inaugurate a substantive Board for the NDDC. He said that the inability would result in crumbling the nation’s economy, particularly in the Niger Delta region.


Ben Bowei, the President of NDVGG, in Benin, the Edo State capital, on Wednesday, said after exhausting all the available avenues for consultations, the unit has decided to form alliances  with other groups, particularly with Tompolo, in seeking justice as the federal government has left them with no option.

He threatened that the region will go on strike and cripple the oil economy. 

“We have vowed to shut down all facilities which will crumble the economy of the nation unless the Federal Government does the needful by correcting the injustice meted on the people of the Niger Delta. We are demanding that a substantive board for the NDDC is inaugurated immediately else, the government will see our other side. We are not joking. Immediately after the seven-day ultimatum elapses, we are going to strike.”

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As reported by a correspondent the NDVGG body is willing to stand by Tompolo and Ben. This morning in an interview with a correspondent, an unnamed member said, 

We have been too patient with the federal government, now is the time to act”

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