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Tinubu Vows to Treat Atiku, Obi With Respect

Tinubu Vows to Treat Atiku, Obi With Respect

President Tinubu, had in his inaugural speech, extended an olive branch to his main opponents during the February 25th elections, as he gave an assurance to treat them with respect. With the knowledge of the friction which his win created, he has promised to treat the opponents as important compatriots.

Additionally, Tinubu has stated that his election into office did not make him more important than every other Nigerian, or his opponents.

In his words:

“My victory at the polls does not render me more Nigerian than the rest of you. It also does not render my opponents less Nigerian than me. I will treat my opponents as important compatriots.”

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However, he also quipped that the last concluded election was the best Nigeria has ever had in its history.

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