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What Can Be Done For Safety In Nigeria?

What Can Be Done For Safety In Nigeria?

Back home, there are so many cases of insecurity – North, South, East and West. The Government is doing a lot (territories held by BH terrorists in the North East; huge investments in military infrastructures and equipment), Unfortunately as one form of security threat is been dealt with, other forms surface.

In the north, the morale is boosted by religious extremism, in the south-east by IPOB and its Radio Biafra cohorts, and in the west by Yoruba nations agitators 

But they (the government) can and should do more. Government should be more proactive in dealing with insecurity.

Some issues like the issues of insecurity require a holistic approach. What exactly feeds kidnapping? What feeds banditry? What feeds terrorism? These should be identified to be able to tackle the problem from the roots. Will and courage are also required.

The military is doing alot, but they can definitely do more – intelligence gathering. Of course as it always happens with humans, I believe we will have saboteurs both in the government and the military, even amongst the civilian population, NGOs and Civil Society Organizations.

Ultimately, apart from the influx of bandits and arms from neighboring countries up to the North of Africa as a result of instability in those areas, the major part of insecurity are carried out by fellow Nigerians especially when it comes to the Southern parts.

At the end of the day, for there to be some semblance of meaningful security, we all have a role to play, we all need to cooperate to make it work.

People are exploiting the war on terror for their own benefit. They engage in superlative hyperbole designed to boost the morale of terrorists and demoralize the military just to attract followers. We can only get away with this for so long. Until it’s finally at our doorstep and our lives now depend on the very service men and women we spent ages bashing for views. 

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For some citizens, ignorance can be an excuse. They don’t know better. But we have prominent public figures tweeting like teenage kids bashing the force.

The war can not end anytime soon because it is producing military millionaires through looting (Alooter continua)

Sadly, Patriotism is not a Nigerian thing.

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