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2023 elections: 2 states that PDP will likely lose

2023 elections: 2 states that PDP will likely lose

According to all indicators, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will most likely fail to win two (2) of the many northern states whose gubernatorial seats will be contested in 2023, for a variety of crucial reasons. The party has lost support in these states, and unless it can stem the trend, victory may become a virtually impossible challenge.

The following is a discussion of these two (2) states.

  1.Jigawa state:

The difficulties inside the PDP’s Jigawa state branch have become worse in recent months. Aside from internal strife, the party looks to be rapidly losing members due to defections. Based on this apparent instability and defection issues, it is reasonable to say that the PDP has little chance of unseating the incumbent All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2023. With the inclusion of former governor Sule Lamido into the party, the PDP may be able to change the trend before the 2023 Jigawa gubernatorial election. Nonetheless, given his son’s alleged contentious support for the party’s gubernatorial ticket, this seems improbable at present.

2. Kano state:

Similar to Jigawa, the Kano state branch of the PDP has been rendered almost impotent owing to a wave of defections. Following the resignation of one of its state leaders, Rabiu Kwankawso, the party has lost some of its senior members, diminishing its competitive strength. One thing is certain: the PDP may not be able to win this state in the 2023 gubernatorial election owing to these issues.

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