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Show Promoter Explains Why Kizz Daniel Couldn’t Go on Stage.

Show Promoter Explains Why Kizz Daniel Couldn’t Go on Stage.

The organizer of the Tanzanian Kizz Daniel concert, Steven Uwah, has come out to explain why he got the talented Afrobeat artiste arrested when he failed to perform in Tanzania.

The explanation came via an Instagram live session on Monday night with Daddy Freeze. Steven Uwah had said that the famous Nigerian artiste did not go on stage because his clothes and jewelry were at hand. Uwah then went on to reveal that he had paid Kizz Daniel a $60,000 fee to perform at the launch of his mobile app he created for booking events.

Kizz Daniel, it was reported had refused to respect the contract after he alleged that his baggage was still to arrive from Uganda where he had performed a day previously.

To save the situation, Steven had brought in Tanzanian superstar, Harmonize and a few stylists to try and figure out Kizz Daniel’s wardrobe issues but the Nigerian Afrobeats star refused to perform.

The Fly Boy label Chief, Paul then called from the United States of America to beg Kizz Daniel to perform but the pleas fell on deaf ears.

Steven Uwah has revealed that the show set him back approximately $300,000 with reputable brands like Pepsi and Martell sponsoring the show.

A table, it was revealed had sold for as high as $10,000 and Steven has opined that Kizz Daniel‘s actions have set him back at a loss to his now damaged reputation.

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