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Aero Contractors Will Surmount Industry Challenges.

Aero Contractors Will Surmount Industry Challenges.

The country has been having issues with its aviation sector, as some airlines suspended their operations due to several reasons, Aero was part of those airlines that suspended its Operation. However, the management of Aero Airlines announced on Thursday that the airline will resume its Operation on the 5th of December.

Captain Addo Sanusi, the managing director of the Airline revealed that they’ll commence operation, having satisfied the requirements of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

According to him, they are ready to face all kinds of challenges, as they are well prepared. And also they are ready to receive their customers

Sanusi said, “The parameters have changed, we have looked inwards, and we are ready to face the worst challenges ahead with a new business model.

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“We are determined to offer great travel experience to our customers during this season and beyond. We look forward to welcoming them on board,” he added.

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